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Brady (@myears)

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Hey Robbie—that was real a smart move coming back from Florida early. From your last note it sounded like it just wasn’t working for you. Did you feel stressed out there? I hate when that happens and the only way we can express ourselves is in doing things to get our parents attention and that can be a bad situation. Time outs, voices raised and then all hell breaks loose. I wish i could communicate better. Barking just isn’t enough... Things are really, really quiet here. When I go out I never see anyone animal or human. I got a bit of a break from the routine today and went to see Liz my groomer. OMG did I need a haircut. The bath was terrific. The weather has been outstanding but I just heard mom say it’s going to rain for the next 3 days. Oh no! Quick walks, wet paws 🐾 not a fan of bad weather. Have you heard from Henry??
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