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Brady (@myears)

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Hey there Henry! Just got back from the groomer and I am exhausted. You can see the Christmas bow which I like so much better than those goofy scarfs. The place was mobbed today with lots of dogs most of whom I have never seen. I guess some dogs get groomed once a year. I hear you got a hair cut too. We can compare notes. Are you ready for the trip up here? Guess you’re stopping in Lehigh for your brothers races. I think you'll need to get in your bag if your Mom wants to take you inside. Don't worry about feeling confined. I do it all the time! I go to Market Basket, Target and last week i went to Bed Bath and Beyond. Mom puts me in the basket and i can see and hear everything. When we get into the check out line someone always says ‘Oh my God do you have a dog in there?’ What a silly question. Would my Mom have a snake or skunk in there! Not likely... in some ways i like being in my bag and I’ll tell you why. When we go to Petco or Pet Smart i get to go in without my bag and on the leash BUT there are so many dog smells that I always pee on the floor. Last time i had an uncontrollable urge to POOP and I did!! It was humiliating. Well i better get my spot in the sun before it’s too late. See you tomorrow and we’re getting Pizza when you get here. Cant wait 🍕
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