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Brady (@myears)

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Hey sorry I’ve not been sharing my words of wisdom lately, but I received this picture from Jack, #1 the oldest member of the Jennings family, and I could not just let it rest. I feel compelled to share my observation. As some of you know, Claire #4 is the newest but perhaps the oldest fur sister. Phyllis, #2 who is Jack’s younger sister, is really having a hard time accepting Claire. I think it’s a combination of her screeching bark and her just moving into the inner circle of Bitsy and Alex’s bed. Jack posted this picture celebrating the girls sharing a bed but I can see anger in Phyllis’ face and Claire’s ears are on high alert. I’m not sure this is going to work! I think Jack is looking for some guidance on how to manage these 2 girls. Perhaps Walter, #3 can step in. He’s younger and I think the girls respect him. Any of you have any suggestions on how these brothers and sisters can work together while respecting their individuality and contributions to the whole family.
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